IMPACTED by War Room Watch Party and Movie

Hi GIC family! God bless you and good evening at the time of this post! My wife, my son, and I was just with our Senior Pastor (Jesus) and our Lead Pastor and his wife (Apostle Mike and Pastor Laura Klump), The Kendrick Brothers along with the staff of the movie War Room including main cast member Priscilla Shirer from Going Beyond Ministries hosted a Watch Party via Facebook through Zoom call as commentary throughout the film and after the film extended time for world prayer for families and government leaders, praying for healing, wisdom, understanding, and a true relationship with Jesus.

The War Room Watch Party and movie is one of the most IMPACTFUL films in human history that brings healing and hope to all who watch the film while teach how powerful prayer is and how it can change your life forever

This moment was powerful as with every Kendrick Brothers film is IMPACTFUL and brings about a Spiritual response that would bring about change and healing into our lives. I pray for those of you that were able to attend the Watch Party on the War Room Facebook Page was blessed and IMPACTED by the movie and commentary. If any of you have watched War Room, how has God IMPACTED you through this film? God bless you!

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