Expecting the unexpected

Dear GIC Family,

I pray that at the time of you reading this post that you are all doing well. As I sit here and meditate on what God has been doing in the lives of His people and in the midst of our Church I can't help but be thankful and feel a sense of awe. One thing I can tell you all is that the enemy is very upset at this present moment because God is doing a great work within us and within you!

Who would have ever thought that we would be in the predicament that we are currently in with the Covid-19 pandemic we are now facing. Many people including myself wasn't expecting it. I remember when I was first laid off from work I was super anxious, worried, and nervous and the main reason why was because the future was unknown. I didn't know how my bills would get paid or even how I would be able to support my family.

I remember in the midst of me worrying and being anxious God speaking to me what He has spoken so many times before "Peace be still". It's in moments of uncertainty that we can become fearful and be all over the place. Some of us struggle with this more so than others. One thing that God has taught me and is continuing to teach me in this season is that He can and He will use moments of uncertainty to bring people closer to Him.

Just think there are people who are currently panicking and there are also people who killed themselves because they are over taken by fear and they also don't have any hope. the Bible teaches us that our hope is to be rooted in the Lord. The word of God also teaches us that God will always place a reminder in front of us to remind us of our need for Him in our lives.

I receive email's each and every week on statistics from some of our partners that we work along side of to spread the word of God and bring people closer into a relationship with Jesus Christ. They have reported over previous weeks of thousands of people coming into a personal relationship with Jesus each and every week. God is using our situation to bring people closer to Him!

We must continue to be available and accessible that God can use us how He intends to do so! Can God use you? to answer that question you must ask yourself, are you willing to fully surrender everything so that God can use you fully. Some of you may currently be facing a situation out side of this pandemic that may be uncertain my encouragement to you is to stay faithful unto God and stay connected to God through His word and prayer!

God is waiting for us to come closer to Him. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to become closer to God? Just think of it this way. God is willing to put our normal life on hold just to grab our attention so that our relationship with Him could become enhanced.

As I close out my letter to you all I want you all to take a look at this scripture and study it in your down time. Take a look at 2 Corinthians 12:7-9. Even in moments of uncertainty God is in control. What is unknown to us is known to God. In other words when we are uncertain God is certain! Have a blessed and IMPACTFUL rest of your week! I look forward to seeing you on this coming Sunday at Church!

In Jesus Name,

Apostle Mike Klump

Lead Pastor

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