The Executive Team


Mike Klump is the Lead Pastor and Founder of Greater IMPACT Church. As Lead Pastor Mike is responsible for casting vision as God gives it to him and making sure that the Church stay’s in the will of God. As Lead Pastor Mike enjoy’s being able to see people grow in the Lord, and being able to connect people to Jesus through the word of God and the Love of God. Mike was ordained as a “Pastor” in the year of 2010 but has been serving God since 2008 at the age of 16. As Mike grew in ministry and in the Lord Mike was then affirmed as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus in the year of 2014. As an Apostle, Mike is responsible for not only shepherding the people of God but helping others grow in their spiritual gifting’s and mentor/train upcoming and current leaders in Christ’s Holy Church. As an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Mike loves the opportunity to partner with other ministries and leaders to help lead them in fulfilling their assignment for the Lord. In his free time Mike enjoys to spend time with friends and family and travel; along with occasionally playing video games. Mike found Jesus as His Lord and Savior at the age of 16 in the month of November where his life was completely changed and renewed through the Lord. Mike values his relationship with the Lord Jesus and strives to please Him in anyway that he possibly can. In 2013 Mike Graduated form “Christian Leaders Institute” receiving a diploma in Christian ministry.


Pastor Laura Klump
Operations Pastor
Jessamyn Carroll
Director of Guest Services
Apostle Mike Klump
Lead Pastor
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Pastor Laura Klump is the Operations Pastor here at Greater IMPACT Church.  When she started working for the church, Laura served as the Director of Human Resources.  At this time Laura was just entering her union with God.  She had been gone from God for so long that it took meeting Apostle Mike for her to find her way back to God.  Laura would later go on to form the Women Warriors of God IMPACT group.  Laura is Currently attending the University of Maryland Global Campus pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in Human Resource Management with a minor in Psychology.  In her free time Laura loves to cook, read and spend time with her husband and family.

 Jessamyn Caroll the Director Of Guest Services. I love that in my position I am able to reach out to people and make them feel welcome at our church. I am a wife and mother to one beautiful boy. I love to be outdoors with the family. I first came to follow God when I was a young child but really got more in to ministry when I was around 19 and I found Greater Impact Church.